Due to the original method of listing, some wines will have a vintage in their description that is no longer available. If you are looking for a specific vintage, please call us to confirm that it is available.

Lanzarote Wines

Great wines from Lanzarote!

This is the first time we've been able to import wines from the Canary Islands. Usually what ever wines they produce were used up by the tourist industry of the Islands and there were never any surplus stock left for export! But with the pandemic and lack of tourism that made it possible. The vines on The El Grifo Estate are pre-Phylloxera and have not been grafted onto the American root stock unlike rest of the European vines, therefore the purity of flavours are absolutely amazing to say the least!

There are two levels of white wines made from Malvasia Volcanica variety - Secco Coleccion and Lias.

Two levels of red - Tinto Coleccion and Ariana both made from indigenous varieties - Listan Negro. And if you have yet to find an interesting Orange wine wait until you try their Rossada De Lagrima, absolutely unique - No one would be disappointed.